David Clewett

Principal Investigator
Email: david.clewett@psych.ucla.edu

Graduate Students

Mason McClay

I received my BS in Behavioral Neuroscience and BA in Classical Studies from Centre College (2017) where I worked with Aaron Godlaski on emotion regulation, mindfulness, and journaling. During my undergrad summers, I worked with Renu Sah (University of Cincinnati) on rodent models of PTSD and Liz Phelps (NYU) on virtual reality models of fear conditioning. I was also the lab manager for the Dunsmoor Lab (UT Austin) where I developed virtual reality fear conditioning paradigms and worked on projects ranging from neural context tracking of fear memories to socio-political influences on misinformation attitudes. Currently, I am investigating how emotional arousal spills over in time to influence the temporal binding of information, resulting in aberrant control of traumatic memories. Outside of the lab, I co-lead the community research and arts collective, Collective Thinking, with Hunter Priniski. In my free time I spin my wheels on the beach and study concrete poetry and Soto Zen.

Ringo Huang

My research focuses on understanding how affect influences attention and memory. I also study how subsequent reinstatement of these memories, either by recalling the event or by experiencing a related event, reshapes these memories. My experiments often involve arousal manipulations (for instance, through effort or emotional stimuli) and the use of eye-tracking and neuroimaging techniques to study the neural substrates of arousal and the systems it influences. Many of these techniques are aimed at inferring the neuromodulatory role of the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system. My work also explores how these systems change in both healthy and pathological aging. Outside of research, I enjoy climbing, camping, backpacking, and sewing gear for these activities.

Lab Manager

Jamie Greer

While receiving my B.A. in psychology from Vassar College (’20), I also assisted with research at the Hartley Lab (NYU) and OHAIRE Lab (Purdue). My past research has focused on misattribution of arousal and the effects of arousal on visual perception, and value-directed memory. Currently, I am interested in studying how emotion and motivation affect the encoding, consolidation, and retrieval of negative emotional experiences, as well as examining the neurocognitive processes that support the reconsolidation or updating of aversive memories. Outside the lab, I’m a big fan of board/card games and the Lord of the Rings movies.

Research Assistants

Ziyuan Chen

I am a Cognitive Science major student transferred from UC Santa Barbara in Fall 2020. My research interests include learning, memory, specifically how they are influenced by emotions, and visual perception. Outside of research, I enjoy playing musical instruments, skiing, and playing video games.

Camille Laksman

I am currently an undergraduate student studying cognitive science and philosophy at UCLA. My research interests primarily involve investigating memory consolidation. More specifically, I hope to examine the mechanism by which memory fails, and what factors influence the retrieval of false memories. Outside of academia, I enjoy going on exceptionally long hikes, talking to other people, and writing!

Marianne Miremadi

I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in psychology at UCLA. I am interested in examining the role of emotion on memory. Specifically, I am curious about how trauma affects long-term memory. I’d also like to learn more about eating disorders and PTSD using various techniques, including fMRI. Aside from research, I enjoy reading, participating in aquatic activities, and going on long walks at the beach.

Amna Ali

I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Cognitive Science and Political Science at UCLA. My research interests include memory, attention, and learning, and I am primarily involved in investigating retrieval-induced forgetting. Outside of research, I love reading, hiking, baking, and trying out new recipes.

Charles Green

I am a Cognitive Science major with a specialization in computing and minor in film. The research I am interested in includes memory, illnesses related to memory loss, and machine learning through AI. In my free time I like to play guitar, weightlift, and play fetch with my dogs.


Lila Davachi
Mara Mather
Vishnu Murty
Joseph Dunsmoor
Elizabeth Phelps