Bailey Harris

Graduate Student

I received my BA in psychology and sociology from the University of Denver in 2020. While there, I worked with Dr. Kimberly Chiew in the MAC lab, studying the role of emotion and surprise on autobiographical memories. As a postbac, I worked as a lab manager for Dr. Elizabeth Goldfarb’s CAMS lab, where I worked on a series of projects primarily investigating the role of stress on memory. Broadly, I’m interested in understanding the ways in which affective states at encoding influence memory representations. Both behaviorally and neurally, I am interested in exploring how our emotions can influence the specific aspects of an event we remember as well as our temporal representations of those events. I’m especially intrigued by the role of stress and arousal on memory organization and event segmentation. Outside of academia, I enjoy climbing, running, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family.