New media coverage of our work on music, emotion, and memory

Our recent findings on how dynamic emotional states influence memory (McClay et al., 2023) was featured in multiple outlets Dr. Clewett and lead author Mason McClay also discussed their work on NPR's "Science Friday" segment ( and BBC 4 Radio's "All in the Mind" podcast ( We welcome and look forward to any ...

Congratulations to Janys Li for being selected to present at PURC and winning a Dean’s Prize Award!

Janys will discuss her work on developing a novel emotion-tracking tool to classify different profiles of emotion flexibility. She will also discuss how this tool can identify patterns of flexibility that relate to clinical symptoms of depression and PTSD. Her data blitz is part of the UCLA Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference. For her work, Janys also received a prestigious UCLA Dean's Prize Award. Congrats, Janys!